Motor Control Centers

At EnerCube we design our Motor Control Centers (MCCs) using our extensive custom design experience, integrating control and power in one centralized package with a wide variety of MCC options. Our industry-leading motor control center meets CSA, UL & NEMA standards, delivering safety, performance and reliability to our clients .

Enercube’s MCCs are built with proven, state-of-the-art technology ensuring you receive the highest quality product with years of dependable service .

Our Medium Voltage Motor Controllers are available in a variety of control formats allowing you the flexibility to choose the option best suited for the required application, including:

  • Medium Voltage Controllers
  • Reduced Coltage Controllers
  • Solid-State Reduced-Voltage Controllers Two-Speed Controllers
  • Load Break Switches

Medium Voltage (1000 to 7200V) Vacuum Switching for:

  • Motor Starters (asynchronous, synchronous)
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Transformer Feeder Units
  • Capacitors
  Design AR Rating Max Voltage (kV) Continuous Current (Amps Max.) Internal Arcing Short Circuit Current (kA) Width (inches) Height (inches) Depth (inches)
Medium Voltage One-High IEEE Type 2 38 4000 50 36 91.5 90
Two-High IEEE Type 2 38 4000 50 36 91.5 90
Low Voltage One-High IEEE Type 2 600 6000 50 36 91.5 60
Three-High IEEE Type 2 600 6000 50 36 91.5 60
  • Successfully tested MV MCC, fixed to MV Switchgear, at 50kA Arc Resistant Test.
  • 50kA Fault Rating for Arc Resistant & Non-Arc Resistant MV MCCs Compartmentalized enclosure with encased isolation switches to eliminate line side shutters.
  • MV vacuum switching for motor starters (asynchronous).
  • Continuous bus bracing to provide uniform support.
  • Proven center-mounted bus design for improved heat dissipation.
  • Fix unit design with two sets of shutters for increased electrical isolation and the ability to verify removal of power in the MCC unit with a multi-point validation system.
  • Starter lineups can include 400A and 800A starters.
  • Our designs include a larger conduit area to easily accommodate two 500Kcmil cables per phase, in each 400A starter.
  • One- and two-high starter arrangements.
  • Front aligned, rear aligned and back-to-back designs.