Arc Resistant & Metal Clad Switchgear

The increasing use of higher voltages for electrical distribution and application in both industrial and commercial applications places additional requirements on the switchgear which is installed in these facilities. Global changes in the business environment mandate that industrial & commercial facilities become both safer and more reliable than they already are and that expansions and modifications to the switchgear in these facilities be performed in less time, and on increasingly tight budgets. To meet all of these requirements, EnerCube offers the Arc Resistant and Metal Clad Switchgear product line. This modern equipment is available in all industry standard ratings to meet the vast majority of applications. Additionally, a variety of special ratings are available to meet virtually any applications.

Switchgear Information



High quality and superior paint finish as per IEEE standards and color specifications from customer.


Quick installation, easy access and site-specific designs available. Arc Flow study can be done for complex requirements.


Easily accessible wire ways carry the LV interconnection cables between the switchgear cells and MCCs.


The main bus compartment is a separate enclosed space for 3-phase insulated main power bus bars, supports, and connections to circuit breaker cells. The racking mechanism provides controlled and smooth movement of the PT from the disconnected position to the test and connected positions within the cell. 


The gear offers flexibility in locating the various elements of the gear, including the circuit breaker, auxiliary and metering cells, within the structure layout. Circuit breakers may be located in either upper or lower cell positions, up to the maximum main bus self-cooled limit of the equipment (approximately 4000 Amperes).


Hinged front door, inter-compartment & inter-unit harriers, stationary primary disconnects, racking mechanism, interlocking devices, primary shutters, draw out guide rails and secondary control circuit connectors. Provisions are provided for instruments and relays, control wiring , terminal blocks, current transformers, and secondary control circuit cutouts .


All secondary and control wiring is connected to terminal blocks. Terminal block numbering strips are provided to identify each point, and several styles of wire tagging systems are also available as options. Secondary and control wire is No. 14 AWG, extra-flexible, standard wire, insulated for 6OO volts, and rated for a minimum of 90 degrees C. Insulated barrel, crimp-type terminals are used for most applications and grounded metal wire troughs are used in some custom applications.


Have plans to upgrade the line-up ? Add a new section? Our modular design has got you covered.


EN 61439-2

EN 60204 1:2006

Low Voltage Switchgear Control Gear Assembles

Part 1: Type-tested and partially type-tested assemblies

Safety of Machinery - electrical equipment of machines

Part 1: General Requirements

EC Directives



Low-Voltage directive

EMC directive

Related Voltages

Rated Operating Voltage U

Rated Frequency

Rated Insulation Voltage

Up to 690v, 3 phase


1000V, 3 phase

Rated Currents

Continuous Current Rating I

Short Circuit Peak Withstand I

Short Time Withstand Rating I

Horizontal Bus:  

Up to 400A

Up to 176kA

Up to 80kA 1s

Vertical Bus:

Up to 1200A

Up to 110kA

Up to 50kA 1s

Creepage Distances and Clearances

Rated impulse withstand voltage U

Material Group (Overvoltage Category)

Pollution Degree

6.8 or 12kV

ILLa (175 < CT < 400)


Degrees of Protection IEC 60529

IP 20,40,42,54 

Forms of Separation IEC 61439-2 

Forms 2-4b 

Column Dimensions





600, 700, 800, 900 or 1000m

600 or 800mm (1200mm double-front) 


Module Size

Maximum Modules Per Column

Withdrawable Unit Sizes 

80mmH x 500mmW = one module


1,2,3,4,6,8,10,12 modules 

Structural Surface Treatments



G90 Steel of High visibility white paint (opt)

RAL 7032 Pebble Grey or Munsell 6.5 Paint 


 Storage Temp

Operating (Ambient) Temp


-25°C to +55°C

-5°C to +40°C -24hr avg max at 35°C

Up to 50% at +40°C

Superior & Reliable

EnerCube’s Medium Voltage Switchgear is designed to fully incorporate the latest developments in medium voltage circuit breaker technology . Our Switchgear is designed , tested and constructed to comply with the latest requirements of ANSI as well as the applicable standards of IEEE, NEMA and National Electric Code (NEC) standards.

Designed For Safety

The design of Enercube’s switchgear incorporates maximum isolation. This means the complete enclosure of all live parts and positive segregation of primary circuits to stop the spread of faults to other sections of the device. Hinged doors or removable plates permit easy access to all compartments. All metal barriers are suitably grounded. Steel barriers extend the full height and depth of each vertical section for isolating adjacent sections. Each cubicle is equipped with a continuous copper ground bus which extends throughout the entire switchgear lineup.