Omid Bayestehtarat

Omid Bayestehtarat

Business Development Manager

Omid is the business development manager at Enercube; his role is to develop relationships and build a strategic position for Enercube in the market. He is responsible for vertical segment sales growth across all of our products lines, growth in EPCM, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Pulp & Paper, Mining and Energy-Storage-Solutions. Omid believes in value-add propositions to Enercube’s customers by providing resources and tools so they can solve their problems efficiently.

As a graduate of Electrical Engineering from The Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Omid’s career began like many EITs in Alberta with Oil & Gas, designing and engineering electrical systems for SAGD oil-pads and oil batteries.

Over the past few years, Omid has spent his time in technical sales and business development, building relationships and helping customers solve some of the problems they face in design and engineering. He has a good understanding of major project requirements, the working dynamics of EPCs with their clients, and is excited to channel our solutions at Enercube to meet their requirements and show the value-add proposition that we can offer into market.

When he is not developing relationships with prospective clients, Omid enjoys Muay Thai kickboxing and swimming long distances; he finds both a great way stay active and exercise. He would strongly recommend Muay Thai to anyone who is thinking about trying it.

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